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Protecting children is important to us and we developed a comprehensive solution to allow you to control what content your children can watch. If you enable the Parental Guidance lock you won't be able to play any content rated above 15 unless you type in your PIN.

To turn on the parental lock just navigate to any video rated 15 or above and click on the link to set up parental controls. You will be shown a page where you will need to certify that you are over 18 years old and provide a secret PIN code and your email address. The email address will be used to mail you your PIN in case you should forget it. It will not be used for any other purpose.

ANIMAX does not hold a copy of the email address you enter, it's encrypted and stored on your computer in a cookie. Read more on ANIMAX's privacy policy and cookie policy.

Once the Parental Guidance Lock is turned on, anyone using your computer will always be prompted for the password if they wish to view any content labelled 15 or over.



We use Guidance labels to let you know when a programme may include unsuitable content for young audiences (eg. violence, sex, drug use or strong language) or when it may be harmful to view (eg. contains flashing images). Guidance labelling is usually used for television programmes that were broadcast after the 'Watershed' (9.00pm).

We give you a way to help you control the types of programmes that your computer can play through Parental Guidance Lock. Please be aware that if you do not set the Parental Guidance Lock any child using your computer may be able to view all programmes, including
Guidance-labelled programmes if they certify that they are over the age limit of the content.



The first time you try to watch a Guidance-labelled programme, the Parental Guidance Lock warning will appear and ask you to confirm you are over the age limit for that video and, if so, invite you to set up Parental Guidance Lock.

If you wish to set up Parental Guidance Lock, please first ensure that cookies are enabled on your browser, then click on the option to set up Parental Guidance Lock.

Setting up Parental Guidance Lock requires you to provide a four digit PIN and an email address that will be used to recover the PIN in case you should forget it.



If you have forgotten your PIN simply click the forgotten password link from within the media player and we will send out a reminder to the email address entered during the PIN setup.



ANIMAX self certifies ratings and age certificates for all programming on the service and will use reasonable judgment to determine whether or not the material is appropriate for children.

ANIMAX Guidance:  Adults should read a programme's rating description to best determine its appropriateness for their child.

No matter where a programme originates, ANIMAX will display the rating on the programme's video description page for all programming.

Currently, ANIMAX uses the following ratings:


UUniversal - Suitable for all audiences
PGParental Guidance - General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.
12/12ASuitable for 12 years and over, no one under 12 permitted unless accompanied by an adult.
15Suitable only for 15 years and over.
18Suitable for adults only.
R18Adults no less than 18 years.


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